Palladio is a well-validated approach for the prediction of Quality of Service (QoS) properties of component-based software architectures. It enables the creation of high quality software architectures with dependable quality properties.

Numerous publications demonstrate the applicability of Palladio for scientific and real-world industrial scenarios of different domains. Ongoing development effort and the continuous integration of latest scientific trends provides cutting-edge features to researchers and practictioners.

From a scientific perspective, Palladio comprises

  • The Palladio Component Model (PCM), a detailled meta-model of component-based software architectures.
  • A component-based software development process (PDF). Palladio is aligned with this process and enables distributed modeling for component-based software development scenarios.
  • A software architecture simulator: Multiple performance, reliability, maintainability, and cost prediction approaches are combined. The approaches, by means of analysis or simulation, calculate metrics (e.g. response time) from Palladio models (instance of the PCM).
  • Tool support, the Palladio-Bench implements all aspects of Palladio. The Palladio-Bench is extendable such that it can serve as implementation base for new scientific directions.

More information on the scientific background of Palladio and developer information can be found in the Palladio Developer Wiki.

The development of the Palladio started back in 2003 at the University of Oldenburg, and is nowadays developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), FZI Research Center for Information Technology, and Paderborn University. Further scientific cooperations and research partners contribute in terms of scientific exchange and tool development.

Current research topics include for example

  • Model-driven development (MDD/MDSD)
  • Cloud computing  and virtualisation
  • Outsourcing / offshoring
  • Performance cockpit for large-scale application measurement and forecasting
  • Automated design optimisation
  • Reverse engineering

Integrate and cooperate with Palladio

The Palladio-Bench is open source tool support for the Palladio approach. Also Palladio research is open to external contributors, research cooperations, researcher which like to extend Palladio, and users who like to use Palladio "as-is".

Options to integrate in Palladio include

  • Use Palladio as software architecture simulator
  • Contribute new analysis or simulation approaches for the existing Palladio Component Model (PCM)
  • Add new quality dimensions to Palladio (either PCM or analysis)
  • Extend the PCM's meta-model by new entities and concepts
  • Integrate Palladio in your development processes
  • Apply Palladio to new problem domains
  • Develop new editors and views for software architecture models
  • Use the PCM a research object (e.g. long-term history of the PCM)
  • Develop complementary tooling for the Palladio-Bench

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