Architecture Analysis

Avoid bottleneck designs. Identify bottlenecks, design dynamically scalable software architectures, and avoid implementations of poor software architectures.

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Quality Assurance

Balance multiple quality dimensions. Balance your software architecture design. Identify deviations between the intended and the “is” architecture. Balance performance, reliabily, and maintenance. Palladio helps in avoiding single dimension optimisation (e.g. high performance at the costs of overly much hardware).

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Quality Prediction

Forecast impact. Optimise your software architecture design, avoid and remove scalability issues, optimise your status quo, improve resource utilisation, and reduce maintenance efforts.

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Further consulting areas

Our consulting packages

  • Problem identification. Anti-pattern and bad smell detection at the source code and software architecture design level
  • Code and architecture assessment. We analyse your software systems and derive recommendations and guidelines to successful, scalable, reliable software systems.
  • Enter model-driven technologies (MDD, MDSD, MDA). Palladio is your chance to start MDD, modelling, and model-based analyses. Start either from Palladio models or directly according to your needs.
  • Migration. We support migration projects between difference technology stacks or arising from changed boundary conditions and requirements.
  • Support. Integrated quality assurance and process support.
  • Standards. Introduction of process and quality standards.

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Quality Consulting

Our team is here for you:

  • Quality Firefighters: You are encountering performance, scalability or maintainability issues in your current systems? Through state of the art competences and tools issued from the latest research results, we help to overcome such challenges and enable your applications to adapt to new usage or technical environment.
  • Software architects and developers: Need of building highly demanding systems? Our software architects and developers will support the creation of brand new systems and system extensions in demanding environments, for demanding clients.


You wish to apply state of the art technologies in your software development process? Our trainers can bring by the latest tools and methods to your teams.

  • State-of-the-art technologies: Performance, reliabiliy, maintainability, and cost analysis, meta-modeling, model-driven development, software maintenance, and software quality assurace will be no longer vague for you!
  • Palladio integrates with other complementing tools like SISSy, Q-ImPrESS, and Horus. Learn to use them on site!

Custom Features and Extensions

Special customer requirements, specialised analysis features, and research on the software design and quality principles are realised on demand. Our strong research background and large number of research partners enable high-quality realisations for new and upcoming needs.

Experience unique benefits from cutting-edge research results and developments. Contact us for individual offers.

Market studies

Our partners valuate the independent market studies we conduct: Since we are not bound with any vendors, you will get the best advices for your needs, not the best for the seller. Through balanced teams of engineers and business people, we guarantee analysis of highly technical and business relevance.