Palladio supports a broad range of analysis scenarios, including those ones listed in the following. Each scenario can be analysed with respect to performance, reliability, maintainability, and costs (see quality dimensions). You can easily derive the right software architecture design decisions using Palladio. Palladio reduces the risks and implied costs of picking the wrong design decisions by a model-based engineering approach: Palladio tells what to do best in your scenario.

Typical software architecture analysis scenarios are listed in the following. For more information, click on the scenarios relevant for your software architecture.

Design Alternatives

Analyse your available design alternatives and find the right solution without cost intensive trial and error prototyping.

Extension of Legacy Software

Estimate the impact of software extensions on your existing software systems and derive optimal extension strategies.

Load Balancing

Analyse your architecture for load balancing capabilities and advantages.


Analyse your Software for bottlenecks and scalability limitations.


Estimate the required hardware and network capacity for your scenario.