Palladio Tools

We have implemented an integrated modelling environment (called Palladio-Bench) based on the Eclipse IDE. It enables developers to create Palladio Component Model (PCM) instances with graphical editors and derive performance, reliability, maintainabilty, and cost metrics from the models using analytical techniques and simulation. The Palladio Component Model (PCM) is implemented using the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).

Using the Palladio-Bench, you model PCM instances, simulate models, view simulation results, and derive software design optimisations. See our screenshots for impressions.

The best way for getting started with the Palladio-Bench is looking through the screencasts and tutorials provided on this page.

Did you know? Palladio is an official Sourceforge project.

Development Tools

The open source development of the Palladio tooling is supported by the following software-products/-vendors: