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Palladio predicts Quality of Software properties (QoS; e.g. performance and reliability) from software architecture models (the Palladio Component Model, PCM). Analyses enable interactive investigations and optimisations of software architectures (details in the analysis section).

What Palladio is

Palladio is

Palladio is more than a free powerful IDE for QoS (Quality of Service) prediction based on Eclipse: It is the foundation of successful software engineering of software architectures with respect to performance, reliabilty, maintainability and costs. The Palladio approach helps avoiding trial-and-error-cycles and supports the creation of scalabe, reliable, and maintainable software architectures at acceptable costs.

Palladio started in 2003 as a research project of the University of Oldenburg and nowadays is a tool-supported software architecture simulation approach which has been successfully applied in industry scenarios and science – worldwide. It is actively developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), FZI Research Center for Information Technology, and Paderborn University. Further industrial and scientific partners contribute new cool features.

Palladio – The Software Quality People extend the tooling and assist you during the creation or migration of software architectures.

Palladio facts sheet (PDF)