Extension of Legacy Software

Extending legacy software systems is a challenge since new components can impact the performance and reliability of existing software systems. Imagine an existing software system which is perfectly satisfactory for the current load situation. When introducing new additional services which need to access the existing software system, not only the new but also the existing software services might be affected.

Palladio helps to first get aware of the current status of a software system and second to plan the extension or migration. During what-if analyses, the most appropriate extension and migration design alternatives can be explored. Finally, only the best-suitable design alternative needs to be realised: Lowering risks and costs.

Palladio for legacy software:

  • Easy model creation (reverse engineering support)
  • Model-level design analysis
  • No need to throw away legacy software
  • Targeted implementation and extension of legacy software

Palladio answers how to extend your legacy applications

  • Investigate the extension of legacy applications: How much will the new front end or business case stress my legacy applications?
  • Reuse of existing components: How will my old component perform on the new SOA platform?