Reference Projects

Palladio has been used is various industrial projects.

Partners with publicly available case studies:

  • 1&1, Karlsruhe, Germany (case study details): Performance anomalies detection and monitoring
  • ABB, Ladenburg, Germany (case study details): Software architecture optimisation of a high performance service and maintenance data repository
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia (case study details): Analysis of a distributed middleware-based IT communication infrastructure
  • IBM, Böblingen, Germany (case study details): Analysis of a complex, virtualised, multi-layer storage subsystem software of System-z
  • PTV AG, Karlsruhe, Germany (case study details): Analysis and development of a large data-intensive application for fast map and routing services

Selected companies and partners applying Palladio:

Further case studies in cooperation with partners from industry are currently running. Please note that not all cooperations and applications of Palladio are released for public announcements.

Academic references are listed separately.


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