Academic References

  • CoCoME: We successfully modeled the most complex use case from the CoCoME modeling contest and predicted response times, resource utilisation for different usage scenarios and different system distributions. More information can be found here: CoCoME.
  • Master Thesis: A master thesis on "Performance Risk Analysis Techniques in early phases of software engineering" evaluated the PCM. The thesis was written at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Wirsing, LMU Munich.
  • WebAudioStore / MediaStore: These examples (used in our award-winning WOSP 2007 paper (PDF) ) demonstrate modeling a system comparable to the iTunes store.
  • Q-ImPrESS is part of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Palladio is here used to predict the performance of services-based architectures.
  • SLA@SOI uses Palladio for predicting the Quality of Service (Performance) of service oriented architectures.
  • EU project CloudScale extends Palladio by SimuLizar and cloud scaling support
  • EU project CACTOS includes extension of Palladio by energy prediction capabilities and use in computing centres
  • An e-Motions reimplementation of Palladio transforms Palladio models into e-Motion representations which allow simulation, and formal analysis of real-time systems
  • The LINE LQN Solver adds a new Palladio-solver for queueing network models based on ordinary differential equations

Further industrial references are listed separately.