Solvers, Analyses, and Simulations

The are plenty of solvers, analyses, and simulations available for the Palladio Component Model (PCM). Depending on the intended quality dimension (i.e. performance, reliability, and costs) and the targeted precision, time and resource consumption, and acceptable overhead, different solvers can be used. All solvers (including analyes and simulations) take instances of the PCM meta-model as input and then derive quality metrics (e.g. response time, throughput) from that.

Currently available solvers, analyses, and simulation approaches include (2015/04):

Name Class Quality dimensions Comment
SimuCom process and event-based simulation performance, reliability default simulator, most powerful
LQN Solver (LQNS) analytical approach performance fast numeric approximation
Reliabiliy Solver analytical approach reliability fast reliability analyses
EventSim event-based simulation performance simulation approach performing faster simulations in some areas than SimuCom; able to better handle very high concurrency
QPNSolver queuing network simulation performance queuing Petri nets simulator
<a href="">PerOpteryx</a> analysis costs included feature of PerOpteryx
ProtoCom load generator, real code execution performance, resource workload workload for actual software and hardware stack
Prototype generator code stub generator coding, architecture generation starting point for implementations of architectures described in PCM; speeds up development by POJO generation.
<a href="">SimuLizar</a> simulation performance analyzing self-adaptive systems, such as cloud computing systems, at design-time
<a href="">LINE</a> analysis performance scalable solver for queueing network models based on ordinary differential equations; calculates percentiles of response times (e.g. for SLA assessment); includes uncertainties about operational environment
Stochastic regular expressions (StoExSolver) analysis performance fast calculation of distribution function for one user
<a href="">e-Motions Transformation</a> analysis performance, real-time simulation and formal analysis of real-time systems
(discontinued) LQN Simulation simulation performance simulation based solver for queuing networks (available through PCM Solver)

Further information on PCM solvers is available in the PCM developer wiki: Palladio Solvers and Simulation.