Business Benefits

"63% of companies spend more than 1/5 of their time with finding and fixing performance problems."
(Quocirca study on APM, Application Performance Management as quoted in an article by Compuware / dynatrace).

Palladio assists in software performance engineering by avoiding unnecessary trial-and-error cycles during detection and correction of performance flaws. Using Palladio, performance bottlenecks can be identified more easily and, once identified, corrected more efficienctly and effectively.

Compared to classic APM, Palladio additionally supports availability, maintenance, and cost analyses.

Meet performance of business goals

Performance improvements by only new hardware and source code level performance tuning can hinder reaching business goals. Palladio supports substantial performance improvements by incorporating the architecture level into optimizations. Therefore, we always combine source code and architecture level performance analyses.

The value of high software quality

According to several studies, high-quality software systems avoid cost tantamount to several times the original project budget.

High software quality enables:

  • Controlled costs┬áduring development and maintenance
  • Longer life time for software systems
  • Improved QoS (Quality of Service)
    • Increased service availability
    • Faster response times
    • Higher throughput
    • Reduced dead locks
  • Efficient use of resources
    • Human resources for development and maintenance
    • Servers and network