Analyse Scalability Scenarios

Scalability is the analysis of software architecture for potential bottlenecks. Palladio helps in identifying bottlenecks which occur in certain load situations and eases the derivation of design alternatives which do not process this bottlenecks. Furthermore, Palladio allows to find out which maximal load situations can be handled by a certain set up (hardware and software architecture).

With Palladio, one can avoid the implementation of bottlenecks which become critical for productive software systems at early design stages. During software architecture design, one can evaluate the expectable scalability of a software system.

The early software architecture design phase support helps saving efforts and costs for badly performing software architecture implementations.

Palladio answers your scalability questions

Estimate the impact of changes in the usage profile: For up to how many users does our system scale until bottlenecks appear?

Changes in user behaviour: How much will my application slow down if users upload HD videos instead of low resolution ones?