FAST - The FZI Assessment Toolkit

FAST - The FZI Assessment Toolkit. FAST bundles business process modelling, software architecture analysis, and software implementation investigation in a single approach. The holistic treatment of software on the process, architecture, and source code level enable in-depth integrated analyses of software systems.

FAST comprises HORUS, Palladio, and SISSy.


Horus: Business Process Modelling

Control, coordinationate and improve your business processes. Horus provides modelling and simulation capabilities which allow the evaluation of businiess processes. Horus is: Freeware Tools + Public Community + Innovation + Teaching

Palladio: Software Architecture Simulation

Palladio enables modeling, analysis, and optimisations of software architectures. Performance, reliability, maintainability, and costs effects can be easily simulated and measured for software implementations derived.


SISSy: Structure Investigation of Software Systems

SISSy enables in-depth source code analysis of C/C++, Java, and Delphi software systems. It is a platform that allows to run automated analyses in order to assess the maintainability (code smells, violation of design principles, etc.) of an object oriented system.

Software Quality Assessment

FAST combines HORUS, Palladio, and SISSy to facilitate a holistic software quality analysis. This is the foundation of an in-depth software assessment and the creation of software certificates. Given, high quality business processes, software architecture, and software code (implementation), the FZI issues certificates for software systems. Such certificates ensure reliable, scalable, maintainanable, and evolvable software systems which lower the risks of costs at short and long term. Investments in certified software have reduced and predicable risks.