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Mittwoch, 05. Februar 2014 11:12

Palladio-Bench 3.5 Release

The Eclipse Kepler-based Palladio-Bench release comes with an all-new performance prototype framework "ProtoCom 3". ProtoCom allows for performance testing, real setup scalability check, and workload generation. ProtoCom does not require a fully installed and configured software application.

Palladio-Bench 3.5 Release

Palladio-Bench 3.5 Release

Palladio is a software architecture simulation approach which analyses software architecture for performance bottlenecks, scalability issues, reliability threats, and allows for a subsequent optimisations.

The core new features and improvements of Palladio-Bench 3.5 include:

  • Migrated to Eclipse Kepler (4.3)
  • ProtoCom 3 provides some minor bugfixes, additional sensors for each operation, a faster prototype generation, eases the addition of custom model-to-text transformation, e.g., for supporting new target platforms like cloud computing environments, and provides an extensible interceptor mechanisms at provided and required ports.
  • Improved PCM Build structure
  • Improved Eclipse Marketplace integration
  • Fixed a bug where sensors for external calls in BranchActions were missing
  • Introduced passing of parameters in resource interfaces
  • Solved slow rendering of stochastic expressions including their display in GMF-based editors
  • Solved SimuCom issues when simulating small resource demands

As usual, Palladio-Bench is free for download. All sources are publicly available.

Technical release notes are accessible from the developer wiki: Palladio-Bench 3.5.0 Release Notes.