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Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013 10:49

Report on ABB experiences with Palladio

Talk on performance engineering at ABB. The ABB system is a high performance service and maintenance data repository.

Heiko Koziolek from ABB reported on ABB's software performance engineering activities for the ABB Remote Diagnostic Solutions (RDS, a high performance service and maintenance data repository which collects diagnostics data from installed robots). The talk took place during the Karlsruhe Web Performance Group's meetup.

For the reported system, ABB combined Compuware dynaTrace for monitoring activities with a subsequent architecture-level performance analysis and optimisation based on Palladio and a final automated design space exploration using PerOpteryx.

ABB could improve system performance (focus: throughput) for a given hardware setup up to two times using low-level performance analyses based on dynaTrace data and code inspection. To reach the performance goal of at least ten times the initial performance, subsequent architecture-level performance optimisation were required. Ultimately, ABB could improve the system design using Palladio to reach the challenging performance goal of 10x improved performance.

Parts of the experiences and findings are summarised in a recent paper:

Thijmen de Gooijer, Anton Jansen, Heiko Koziolek, and Anne Koziolek. An industrial case study of performance and cost design space exploration. In Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. on Performance Engineering (ICPE'12), pages 205-216. ACM, April 2012.
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By: Klaus Krogmann