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Montag, 06. August 2012 20:53

Palladio 3.3.1 Service Release

New Palladio-Bench service release available for free download.

Palladio-Bench Logo

Palladio-Bench Logo

The Palladio open source project is proud to announce the latest release of Palladio-Bench. Palladio-Bench 3.3.1 is a service release with dozens of improvements. As always, Palladio-Bench is free for download and available under EPL.

Stability improvements and bugfixes include:

  • Fixed a bug where PerOpteryx failed if design decision file has not been opened before starting the optimization because it cannot load the design decisions file
  • Fixed interest rate calculation in PerOpteryx Cost solver
  • Fixed error message when inserting a VariableUsage to a SetVariableAction in a SEFF diagram
  • Fixed bug where VariableUsage / Characterizations were not displayed at various parts of models
  • Fixed broken latency simulation that was broken due to refactorings and small improvements
  • Big RD-SEFFs can now simulated (was not possible before due to 64k method size limit of Java)
  • Fixed bugs concerning stackframe values and generated event simulation java

For further details, please refer to the technical release notes Palladio-Bench 3.3.1 in the Pallado Developer Wiki.

By: Klaus Krogmann